The Routine...

As students, we all have that dreaded period where everything seems to pile up with no sign of slowing down. We also all have that friend that just seems to always forget they're a student and who happens drag you down their own stress lane without giving a second thought that you might be stressing too. "Hey, I have my own stressors ok! Calm down and get it together!" Haha. Steering back to course, here is a short story written and inspired by one such friend during our high school years. 

The red velvet curtains open up to a heavily breathing boy with sweat dripping down the sides of his temples:

"Oh, no! No, no, no!" cried Edgar an early morning.

"What happened?" said Rita tilting her head with an i-know-what-you-did kind of look.
"Its my homework-- I..."
"You didn't do it and its an essay thats due today by 3rd period" Rita said quickly interrupting Edgar.
"Ha! Yes." Answered Edgar with a half guilty smile. "I didn't get to finish it-- or start it-- because I got home really late and super tired from running. Besides, I read for Government and it was SOO, so boring that I fell sleeping reading."
"Well, you should have started like 2 weeks ago-- when it was assigned" said Rita.
"Yes, yes, I know but like always.."
     "Laziness overcomes me." they said together, then laughed at their slacker ways.

"But I'm going to start now, work on it during 2nd period, and through nutrition" he said, while rushing to take out his supplies from his navy blue backpack.
"Alright, if you say so" replied Rita with a short light sigh, "Good luck..."

The next day Rita was sitting on her chair during the start of 1st period. I was already 10 minutes after 8am and still no sign of Edgar. At that moment the door opens slowly and in walks Edgar in slow motion with baggie eyes, very messy hair, and wearing clothes that looked like they had been just chewed on and spit out.

With a big smile and wide-open eyes, Rita asks, "HEY YOU! Did you finish that essay in time for 3rd period?"
"No" responded Edgar with a defeated tone, "But I did finish it this morning around 3am."
"Yep, as expected." Rita replied.

C'est tout! I hope you liked it :)

The names of characters in this story have been changed for privacy reasons. 


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