#5amClub: My morning routine

I am happy to let you guys know that I have been keeping up with starting my days at 5:00 am in the morning. If you follow me on social media, then you already know this, and  a bit on how its been going.

Yesterday we celebrated DAY 30! 

A milestone I wasn't sure I would reach as I mentioned on my first 5am post. I didn't have enough faith in myself. There have been days that have definitely been tough. I am still not used to waking at this time and its even more difficult when I have insomnia the night before --which was the case last night, I need to repurchase zzquil! LOL. 

I will be making a blog update describing my experience thus far, however, today I'd like to share the morning routine that I am trying to maintain. Here we go :)

5:00 am - 5:10 am 
Get up and make bed. This usually takes only a couple of minutes, I would say maximum 4 minutes but that would be really pushing it. Also, some days it is more difficult to get up than others, so the exact times are difficult to calculate. However, these are rough estimates. Also, I am considering setting my alarm at 4:45 instead of 5:00 am, per Joe's (from Before5am.com) advice. He states that if you want to be part of the 5am Club then you should be up before 5:00 am so that you can start working on your things at 5:00 am, instead of getting ready for 15-20 minutes and starting at 5:20ish (like me lol).

5:10 am - 5:15 am
Restroom routine. I would say this takes about 10 to 15 minutes, tops.

5:15 am - 5:30 am
Turn TV on to NBC channel 4 news. After using the restroom, I go to the living room for some good old fashioned TV watching, right before I exercise. The time varies, but I would say I spend 5 to 10 minutes doing this while I get a chance to fully wake up and make myself workout a bit. I also use this time to check my social media, however, Joe (from Before 5am) suggested to check our social media after having spend time working on our art and content for our viewers.  I think its a great idea because in doing so you will have something great to share. 

5:30 am - 6:00am
After this I cool down a bit by doing light chores such as washing dishes or other easy tidying. I also take time to make coffee  and prepare breakfast. I'll eat and start getting ready for my day. I go to my "office" which is a quick and short walk to a corner in the dining room table, lol.

6:00am and beyond...
After I get some basics out of the way I'll move on to taking Pippa out on a walk. Then when I get back home I work on my art. This includes, writing, making, or reading up on new topics that I am not familiar with. I do some research on art related things, i make jewelry and other blog activities. I work on the photographs for my products, add text and edit I think they need it. I also go on my social media to post pictures, which also include some addition of graphics and such, so post those across all social media platforms. I do eat and snack in-between but sometimes I am sitting on my "desk" for hours and hours just making or thinking up ideas, lol. Its a fun process.

Ideally, this is the schedule I like to follow. However, there are some days when I feel lazier than others which makes me slower or slack off on things. Specialy because I do not take brakes and because I am not very good at planning my days/weeks. This is something I am working on.

I do plan on continuing with the "5amClub" now even after these 30 days. So far, I feel proud of myself that I've stuck with it for so long. Thank you for following my journey on my social media accounts. As I mentioned on Instagram, I will not do the daily "5amClub" picture, but I will try to post something about how my 5am goal is going on a weekly basis.

If you're just starting (or thinking of starting), or are already waking up at 5am, let me know! Its fun to connect with people you have something in common with. And let me tell you, not many wake up at 5am (unless they are doing it for work lol), to work on their hobbies or other activities. But if you are one of those people, come say hi, ask me questions, I want to meet you! :D

Have a great day pals <3

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