[Review] BookBub: Free and affordable ebooks - Book lovers, rejoice!

Hi everyone,
Today I wanted to talk to you about a really cool website for books. The website is called BookBub (bookbub.com). What makes BookBub great is that its sole purpose is to alert you on any limited time free books as well as discounted books.

When you sign up with them, they will ask you the kind of books you most like reading. This way, they will send you emails everyday on books of those genres that are free or discounted. They also let you know if they are available to read via Amazon, Apple, B & N, Kobo, and Google.

I know that Apple has a section where you can look at the books they have available for free categorized by genre, however, it can be overwhelming to go through those giant lists. If you're anything like me, you'll keep scrolling and scrolling endlessly; until way too much time has passed and you end up not deciding on any.

Too many options are sometimes not helpful to make a decision. 

Thus, what is absolutely nice about BookBub, is that in your inbox, you will receive a short list of books that may interest you that are free or are affordable to you. They include a short description of the book and buttons of where you can get it (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.). You just click on the button and it takes you straight to the book to download. It is yours to keep forever!

You guys have to give it a try. Below are some images of examples of what you might receive on your inbox. The pictures are of my recommendations.

Thank you for reading!

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