Organization Ideas: a small closet and kitchen drawers


If you are having trouble with space in your small closet you might want to consider the following ideas. I organized the small closet below for a young woman who was having trouble finding space for items. 

Small Closet


What I did first was take out all the hangers that were not being used and separated them by style. All the nice wood hangers would be used first. 

To save hanging space, you can buy or make hooks to hang multiple hangers in one. This gives you extra hanging space because 2 or 3 hangers are only taking the space of one. An example of what I mean is shown below: 



I did these by crocheting a single chain of about 5-6 chain stitches and making it into a circle by closing it off on the other end. 

I hung 2-4 pieces of clothing like this depending on their length. If you have storage under the hanging items, then you don't want the clothes above to get in the way. 
Using this method, we got much more space. About 2/3rds of the hanging space is taken up by the clothes which gives 1/3 of free space. 

The usage frequency of the item was taken into account for the placement it had on the closet. Thus: 

Clothing that is not used often was placed at the very far left of the closet. This includes heavy jackets and winter coats. 

After, the coats are lighter items such as: small sweaters, blazers, and cardigans. 

Lastly, work clothing. These were placed at the right end for easy access for morning routines. 


If you have shelves, then you should use boxes to fold items like tank tops, t-shirts, pants, etc. This is what was done in this case, using the folding method I talked about in an earlier post.


Storing books can be a real pain. However, they can be less painful to store if you use them as shelves. In this way, it doubles as: book storage and a shelf for things like shoes. Below is an example of what I'm talking about. It worked out great in this closet because there was plenty of empty space on the shelf if you only use it as shoe placement. However, when the books were added, it created an extra "step" to the shelf.


On the bottom, we stored most of the other unused books, paper and notebooks. Placed in front of those items is the hamper and makeup storage. 

Kitchen Drawers 

Our kitchen drawers were not organized in any way whatsoever. Everytime I tried cooking something, for some reason I always ended up opening the wrong drawer for a spoon. So I looked up ways to organize the kitchen. 


First, you should take everything out while separating and grouping all like items. Below you see how I started grouping the knives in one pile, openers in another pile, baking supplies, etc. If you have items that do not really belong to a group or there's too few of them to make a pile, then just make a pile of "random".  In the random pile place those clips and other weird items that are not used much. 



Dont they look so pretty now? 
The drawer at the top contains all the cooking items used for making food. It is right next to the stove as well as the cutting board area for food preparation. Now all the spatulas, spoons, and knives are all at arms reach.

Below is a picture of the rest of the items that are not too frequently used when cooking. This includes: cheese graders, baking supplies, openers, small knives and everything else in between. 


These are some organization tips that I feel have helped us be just a little bit less stressed. Things are easier and faster to find. We are not perfect, so sometimes I find things out of place. To avoid making these spaces cluttered and unorganized again I occasionally look at these drawers to make sure things are where they are supposed to be. That is my last tip of this post, make sure you tidy up every once in a while to keep things nice.

Happy organizing!

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