Dollar Tree Haul: crafting goodies and edible goodies

Hey guys, 
Today I bring you this quick Dollar Tree Haul. I am excited to see what I can make with these cute items. There were plenty more things I was really wanted to purchase but I am trying to practice self-control and discipline. Thusly, I only got about 10 items! 

Construction paper and neon paper. The ideas I have for the paper include origami and perhaps greeting cards or cute envelopes. 

As for the stickers, I think I can use them to decorate cards. By the way, packet in the middle with the colorful pictures turned out to be tattoos! I thought they were stickers!! So now, I guess I'll have a  cute rainbow sleeve of temporary tattoos.

I want to use these beads go make bracelets! They will make nice gifts for my nieces and nephew because they are more casual, I think. 

My edible goodies. Pop rocks is one of my favorite candies because of the popping! 

Would you believe me if I told you that I had no color pencils or crayons? Well, believe it. These may not be the best quality but they will do for now. 

I can use this basket as storage but I mainly bought it as a form of transportation for my craft supplies. I store my supplies in two drawers in my room. And usually I work in the living room so I constantly need to be moving things around. This basket will make easy to dumbo everything in one place and carry it to where I need it. 


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