Review: Spring Street Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

If you find yourself in the Downtown Los Angeles area looking for a place to eat, then I highly recommend you stop by the Spring Street Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. Do not let the exterior fool you, it is not a fancy or big restaurant. It is a cozy place with a relaxed place, which with its unique decoration you'll feel you're at your friends house eating and drinking from their garage. I mean that in the best way possible, many people go there to hangout with friends in casual attire, like jeans shirt. Here you can be loud and proud while drinking your fancy beer.  Even though the ambiance is casual, the service is top notch. Your waiter or waitress will come by to check on you every so often, and if you ask, they will recommend the best beer they have that day in rotation. 

Now, lets get into the meat of this post, the food! Just thinking about the burger I had (pictured below) makes my mouth water. Their barbecue is not over powering, and the meet is generously poured on the meat. They also have bottles of barbecue on your table each with a different level of spice. Along with the extra barbecue at the table, you also get a huge roll of napkins that of course come in handy when you're having anything with barbecue. I had a West Coast burger with pulled pork, onion rings and cheese and coleslaw... it was perfect. I ordered my burger with a side of fries that were the thick and very flavorful. I paired my burger with their beer called Duet IPA. If I'm being honest here, this beer was too bitter, however, my friend said he really liked it. So now you have two opinions to choose from. I think that if you're a beer lover, then you will appreciate their beers much more than me. 


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