Nala Ador on Tumblr!

Hello beautiful people from all around the globe! 
This post is to let you know that now  I am also on Tumblr. My username is nalaador, of course. Still figuring this out but it seems pretty simple. So far, I feel it's a very laid back type of system or blog, which I like. The reason I like it is because I feel I can post anything there on the fly, specially when I am unable to make a post here on my website. For that reason, I'd love it if you could follow me there. This way, we can stay in touch more frequently when I cannot sit and make a cute post for y'all :) 

Today I did something on Tumblr that I've never done...

I posted an outfit of the day!! I feel like such a fashionista! Hahaha. Anyway, hope to see you there. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. Very much appreciate it :) 


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