5 Great Hangout Places in Glendale California

Hi guys! 
If you find yourself stranded in Glendale, CA; have no fear! Just head to one of these hip spots and you'll live. Haha...

Seriously though, next time you are going out with your friends, you should try one of these places. Im sure you will enjoy yourselves here. So, in no particular order, here are 5 great hangout places in Glendale, California. 

1. Octopus Japanese Restaurant -  I personally love their stake rolls (pictured below), the salmon, and the alaskan roll. So, so good, you don't even know! If you get a chance to go here, try these items. Also, the miso soup is really yummy.  

2. Pinkberry - its in a great place at the Americana on Brand. You can sit-in or get a spot outside in one of the tables or sit in the park area of the mall. I love it. The picture below is my usual order. Small original flavor yogurt, with blueberries, watermelon, crunchy melted chocolate (this scoop is an extra 50 cents, and I do not know the real name of it, lol), waffle cookie all drizzled with honey. Its the BOMB! 

3. Hot Dog on a Stick - at the Glendale Galleria. Its in the third floor where its usually not packed with people. They have tables and there where you can enjoy your food and your delicious lemonade. I really love their original flavor lemonade, best part is that its made with real lemons, sugar and water. Thats it. The other flavors have flavoring added but this one does not. One of the workers mentioned that the fries are the same ones that McDonalds uses but that they use "better" oil. I thought this was funny.

4. Richie Palmer's Pizza - this is also at the Americana on Brand mall. They have a sitting area and its very relaxing sitting with your friends next to the huge fountain on the side. I really liked this pizza, even though it looks super plain, its very yummy. I believe this is the New York Cheese Pizza. Recommend!

5. Billiards Corner - on S. Central St.; the workers here are always polite and friendly. Its a great environment to have some beers, snacks/appetizers, and play some pool! It does not get packed here, but theres always people there so it never feels like its lonely. 

Thats all folks!
Nala Ador


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