Review: Lucerne Vanilla Mini Ice Cream Sundae Cones

The other day, I found myself at Vons with a craving for Sundae Cones or other wise known as Drumsticks! I was looking at well known brands and I felt I wanted more for my money. My sister pointed out this Lucerne brand, which I've never heard of. However, their prices seemed more fair and the box included more cones. I decided, well, whats the harm in trying. 

This is the verdict: I liked them and they are such cute small cones! Very adorable, so they would be a great treat for a big group of people on warm sunny day. The vanilla ice cream, the nuts, the chocolate, and the cones all had a good taste. I've never tried any products from this brand, but after tasting these sundae cones, I am more inclined to try other of their goodies. I recommend it, and I hope if you grab a box, that you like it too!

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