Fun with Filters: What's this a picture of?

It's time for a Fun with Filters Guessing Game Edition. This time around I am using an app called Photo FX, which I just purchased last week. It has many filters you can play with and if you've seen my Instagram, you'll see I've been having some fun with it :)

Getting to the point: 

Can you guess what this is a picture of??

Have an answer?  

Don't cheat. 

If you guessed're wrong. Thanks for playing, but better luck next time! :)

What's your final answer?

The answer is: ice cream in a 4 cup holder! 

The filter used on the picture below was a brush strokes artsy filter from the photo fx app. 

Hoping this one was more of a thinker than my last Guess The Picture post. 

Have a good one :)

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