2 Cat Scratchers: Which is better?

We have two black cats in the house, a Bombay cat and a Tuxedo cat. Lately these crazy cats have been scratching on our sofas for a while. Thus, we got them these two cat scratchers from Target.

The one below is a dome shaped scratcher with two different textures. The left side is a rough straw-like texture and the right side is like a piece of carpet. 

The other scratcher is this rectangle that seems to be full of cardboard pieces.

So which one is better from these two?

To be honest, for our cats the best one is the rectangle cardboard scratcher. The tuxedo cat sits on this one and uses it, but to be fair she also likes the dome shaped one. However, the Bombay cat likes the rectangle one much more than the domed shaped scratcher. For this reason, I think the rectangle scratcher is better because both cats enjoy it. The only downside about it being cardboard is that as you can see, it does get warned down and we might need to repurchase another one. I think that its worth the purchase if the cats use it, otherwise whats the point of even buying a scratcher. Right? :)

Tis all for now, friends!


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