Green Juices: Nutritious Celery Stalk Juicy Juice

I have to admit that my favorite ingredient in my juices is spinach, lets blame it on Popeye. Haha, kidding. But I really like it because its the greenest veggie and I feel it has the most vitamins out of all the ingredients I add. You can say, I use it as the base for my juices. With that said, the juice of today is called Nutritious Celery Stalk Juicy Juice. The star flavor in this juice is celery! Here is how to make it :)

1 cup spinach
1 stalk of celery
1/2 apple
1 small bag of baby carrots
16 oz water

Place ingredients in blender.

Add water and blend!

After blending, I pour some mix in a glass and add about 2-4oz of water to get a more liquid juice consistency :)

Enjoy your nutritious blend! 

Have a great day y'all :)


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