6 iPhone Drawings Using Free SketchBookX App

Hi everyone! 
I want to share the drawings I've been doing using the SketchBookX application for iPhone. I must confess it's difficult for me to draw with my finger! Now I am thinking of purchasing a stylus but I still need to do some research on that. 

I am definitely enjoying using this app, however, it is limited on the layers you can have as well as the tools you can use. Look forward to a short review on this app, mes amis (=my friends)! 

1. That 2 o'clock Feeling - Inspired by me feeling pretty tired, sleepy, and slugish around this time (2pm) today, haha. 

2. Hydrate - Water is our best friend, drink it! By the way, this is (roughly) what my water bottle looks like. I try drinking 2L everyday. Lately, I have not been meeting this goal, no bueno :-/

3. #Selfie - Inspired by yours truly :) This drawing was the 4th one I have done.

4. Spider-Man! - Need i say more? Ok, i will. Spiderman spiderman, does whatever a ssspi.... you get the idea. Im singing the theme song lol.  

5. This Woman - This was the second drawing I made, i think its a little obvious LOL.

6.  The Man - My very first drawing :)

Everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my entries. For that, YOU ROCK :)

Don't forget to say HI to me on my social media: @NalaAdor (Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest).

Hasta pronto amigos!


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