5 Traditional Mexican Hats

After my last post about the Ricky Ricardo Straw hat, I became interested in other types of hats worn in different parts of the world. So here are 5 traditional hats worn in Mexico.

Image source: here

1. The Mariachi Hat
The Mariachi hat is usually worn by someone that is a part of a Mariachi group. The hat is part of the typical Mariachi outfit. Compared to the charro hat (see below), the mariachi hat is much more elaborate and fancy looking. However, as with many other things, it varies. By the way, check out the details, on those hats! Prettyful.

The Man, Vicente Fernandez.       Image source: here
Pedro Fernandez, Mariachi singer.      Image source: google search
Pedro Fernandez.     Image source: here

2. The Charro Hat
When I think of a Charro, what comes to mind is a Mariachi singer. However, Charros are usually men that participate in Rodeo Competitions. Also, I noticed that sombreros de charro are usually less decorated than those worn by Mariachi groups. 

Image source: here

Image source: here

3. The Vaquero Hat
This is probably one of the most well known Mexican hats because these hats are usually used to depict the cowboy image. 
Here's a spanish lesson for ya:
Un vaquero = A cowboy

Image source: here

Prince Willam and Kate Middleton.      Image source: here

4. The Guerrerence Hat
The Guerrerence hat is a type of straw hat with a black ribbon and a little white tassel hanging from the back. This hat is traditionally worn in the state of Guerrero or Tierra Caliente. Its too bad that I couldn't find that many good pictures, but you get the idea :)

Image source: here
You can't really tell but this musical group is wearing the Guerrero hat.
Image source: here
Black ribbon and white tassel!!       Image source: here

5. The Duranguense Hat
The sombreros vaqueros that are extra folded from the sides are traditionally worn in the Mexican state of Durango. These are often called, sombrero de taco.
Another spanish lesson for today (we're on a roll! Haha) : 
Sombrero de taco = Taco hat

Image source: here

A Duranguense group wearing their traditional hat.     Image source: here

If you can think if any other hats (of any part of the world) let me know, i would appreciate it!
Thats all, hasta pronto amigos.

*Disclaimer: I am not a hat expert or historian. The information above is based on my non-extensive research and all in good fun! Thanks :)


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