Biking Adventures [in pics]: Downtown Los Angeles + Cyclavia

We went on a bike trip to Downtown Los Angeles for Cyclavia. I think this was sometime last year. Here a few pictures I took on our way to the main event.
We saw a local farmers market in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles. I don't know why this seems a little funny and weird to me lol, but one of the vendors said they are there every Sunday. The honey and berries we bought from them were so sweet and yummy. After that we stopped by a fun and quirky bookstore that was on the same street of the farmers market. The bookstore was called The Last Bookstore, which seems to be an appropriate name (these days). It was too bad my camera decided to suddenly stop functioning for a while so I was unable to take any pictures of the inside. Anyway, then we finally made it to Cyclavia...i think we got lost in a cycling race that was also going on that day in DTLA lol. That was funny. 

So close, yet so far away... 
 C'est mon cruiser bike!

 Los Angeles City Hall, sir.

 Which way home?
 Green bike lanes! I like the way they look.
 Getting closer!
 Farmers Market time. Yums.
The inside of this place (The Last Bookstore) is way cool, if you're ever in town you should definitely stop by. 
Wilshire much?
 Bikes! Seeing so many bikes in place of cars is the best. 
 Free rock climbing for everyone! 
 Pretty buildings.
 My ride, ooh yeahhh... 
 Thats all folks.


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