App Review [in pictures]: PicStitch

PicStitch app review in pictures! PicStitch is a photo editor and collage maker. I've had this iPhone app in my phone for a while but did not use it much. Not sure why. But in doing my last post, I thought it would be cool to make the title picture for it using PicStich (i also used Typic). I really liked this app because i think you can do a lot with it. Its fun and free :) If you check it out, let me know how it worked for ya.

These are most of the things you can do with PicStich shown in pictures.

Layout: About 74 different layouts plus more to unlock.
Aspect: this is where you choose the dimension of your project
Resize: where you can change the size of each box in the frame.
Export: export it to different medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Path, Email, Photo Album and more.

This app allows you to edit each picture you add. In summary, those features include the following: 

Enhance, effects (see below), frames (see below for more) stickers (see below)… 

Focus (see below), orientation, crop… 

Adjust, fix sharpness, splash (see below), draw (see below), add text… 

Fix redeye, whiten (for yellow teeth i suppose), cover blemishes… 

And add meme (see below)

+ + +

Effects: Cute effects (and can purchase more)

Frames: There are different categories of frames and you can also purchase more.


Focus: you can focus on one part of the picture.

Stickers: As with the frames, there are different categories 
of stickers to chose from and you can also purchase more.

(left) Splash: this is cool because it makes the picture black and white then you can touch the areas you want to have color on. It lets you "free color" whatever u want or " "smart color" to try to select what it thinks you want to add color to.

(right) Draw: use your finger to draw or add text. Choose color and thickness of "marker"

Meme: add text like this, one line will appear 
at the top and the other line at bottom

'Tis all!
Sooo…. what do you think?


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