App Review: Calm

Calm is a free meditation and relaxation app for the iPhone/iPod. I think it's great because it works for me! Sometimes when I can't sleep, I'll play one of the programs for a 15-30 minutes and it helps my brain wind down so that I can sleep. You have the option of guided meditation/relaxation, nature sounds, and/or relaxing music. I usually do 'guided' because it walks you through breathing or mindset adjustment. Also, it helps that I like the voice of the lady doing the narrating, its very soothing and neutral. Is it weird to say that it sounds like she cares, lol? Yes? Ok, never mind that :)

Have a look… 

This is what you open up to. Touch on the bottom circle with the horizontal lines. 

These are the programs they have. The first 2 programs are free. As with many other apps, you can purchase a subscription for the ones that are locked. Subscriptions range from 3 months ($4.99), 6 months ($6.99) and a year ($9.99). 

I've used this app for a while now (maybe a year) and have not felt the need to purchase a subscription :) 
Of course its up to you and your budgets. 

The 7 Steps of Calm program (no subscription required) has 7 mini "lessons" that are each around 5-7 minutes long. I'll play one of them and its enough to send me on a happy sleeping trail :)

The Calm program (no subscription required) is just one "lesson" enough to send me on a cloud of sweet dreams :D 

The timer section allows you to choose how many minutes to play your relaxing sounds (nature or relaxing music). This is just to time yourself but the app will not turn off after those minutes have ended unless you have it on "Sleep Mode."

The activity section just shows you a list of what programs or timer sessions you have done. 

The following are examples of only SOME of the different nature sounds it has. There are also some that are relaxing music only. 

And that's pretty much it :)


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