Speedy Updates

A catch up special… haha. 

Realizations. Just realized like 3 seconds ago that I haven't used this gray yarn. Think of the possibilities! 
It's winter! Winter finally made it to sunny Southern California...well, lets say it comes to say "hi" and goes back. Anyway, une pettite cup of chocolate chaud does the trick [excuse my French, I know it's not top notch :( ]
Pic from: @SofiaVergara

Modern Family. I love this show so much, it's always hilarious! I cant say enough about how much I love each character!!!! But I'm totally in love with Phil.
La Beauté est dans La Rue. Found this cute poster in Pinterest. Roughly translates to: Beauty is in the road. So cute....S'cute! By the way, have you checked out my Pinterest profile?
From Etsy to Square Market. I recently moved my little accessories shop to the Square Market. Definitely check that out: mkt.com/nala-ador 
It was a tennis day.Played tennis with a few friends on a very chilly and very early Los Angeles morning. Yes, I was difficult to get out of bed! 

C'est tout for now. Tune in next time for more Speedy Updates


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