5 Gorgeous Shoes from Harper's Bazaar [Feb 2014]

I was flipping through the pages of Harper's Bazaar (February 2014 issue) and took a picture of the shoes I liked :) PS. Sorry for the poor image quality on some of these, bad lighting….i think.

Crispy white! By the way, aside from the shoes….this outfit is so cute!

Black and white, always a classic. These look like the white ones above but the black does add a little something else. I specially like the sharp straight cut  on the portion that covers the toes. 
 WAY-ABOVE-MY-BUDGET-SHOES are the prettiest :) Must they always be?

"YES!" But these (above) are somewhat more feasible (price wise), my favs.

I guess the asymmetric-strappy look is IN. And I'm diggin' it.

Check out these gorgeous non-shoe items.

THOSE EARRINGS, (in a zombie-like tone) i must have youuuuuuu….uu…

It's the dress!!!! And check out those awesome heels! Im sure I'd look that good in them too… :)

That's all folks.


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