Funny Commercials: Part Duex*

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T-mobile Commercial with Bill Hader
Haha, so funny! How many can relate you ask? Many! LOL. I love all these commercials and Bill Hader is hilarious.

Capital One Venture Card Commercial with Alec Baldwin
I like various parts in this one: 1. "she took an early spring break" OH YEA! 2. "[Spelling] thats not a subject" lol. I would of loved to have Alec Baldwin substitute one of my classes! He seems to be sooo cool :)

AT&T Commercial with the Kids
My fav part is when the boy says "its queen to make it funny!" lol. Yep, it IS queen to make it funny, haha.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Commercial with the Parents
This one is funny because its true! Hahaha.

*Duex- french word for two.

'Tis all for now!


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