Biking Adventures: Chacha Chili + Park

Today I bring to you my biking adventure of last week. We went Chacha Chili, a small place near Alhambra, CA. I had a Jalapeño Korean BBQ Philly Cheese sandwich that was very delicious. It was a very big portion and I was only able to finish half. For the meal and a drink the total was a little over $10, which I think is not too bad. Note: If you want to use a credit or debit card, you have to spend a minimum of $10. The last place we went to was the park. Unfortunately, my friend and I got our tires popped :( Boohoo. We walked to a local bike shop and we were right back on track.

It has an outdoor and indoor sitting area. They also grill their own meet (large picture to the right).

A chicken at the park (lower right). Weird, right?

At the end we grabbled a raspado to cool off! Yum (below)

Et c'est tout! 



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