5 Bike Trip Items [a short ride]

 Today my friends and I went on a short bike trip to a small restaurant in the neighborhood. We were celebrating a friends belated birthday and saying farewell to spring....SUMMER HERE WE COME!

5 items I took:

1. Water
For a ~3mile trip in a hot day this might not be enough. I had to refill mine at the restaurant lol. Make sure you take a bigger bottle of water or take two this size. That should be enough. I'd like to advice you to remind your friends (hopefully before they leave their house) to take water! My friends forgot theirs but don't worry. I did share :)

2. Cell phone
Even if you just take it for emergency purposes.

3. Hair clip
If you're a girl this might come in handy. Specially if you're wearing your hair down. 

4. Camera
We need to document every second of our lives...of course :D 

5. Satchel 
Something to carry all these things in. Mine is pretty small but everything always fits in this one so it works for me :) The pin on my satchel says Paz Sobre Violencia (= Peace Before Violence). PS. Doesn't the word "satchel" remind you of The Hangover? So funny! For your amusement I included the movie clip! :D

The cats got a little curious while I was taking pictures of these items...curious cats! Hashtag, typical lol. 



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