THE VOICE: Live Top 12 Performances, Heatwave & Comments

Image Source: The Voice Official Website, here

Today was one of the hottest days in Downtown Los Angeles, I heard it was record breaking. In the morning the sun was on full blast only to heat up even more through out the afternoon. Today on The Voice Carson Daily started off by letting us know that the AC in the room broke down and that it had been off for the last 30 minutes! WOW, I felt their pain because I can only imagine how hot it felt there in a closed room full of people in this heat.

"OFF with Usher's shirt"

As the show went on Carson took off his suit jacket and OFF with Usher’s shirt too! Haha, it was very pleasant to see actually. Too bad I didnt take a picture of the TV screen!
But do not worry, about an hour into the show the AC got fixed and everyone put their clothes back on….BOO!!

Comments and Standouts of the Night: 

*First of ALL… Adam Levine looked EXTRA EXTRA DREAMY!!!! <3

Holley Tucker: She sounded awesome!! And her outfit was so cute too.

Sasha: As always, she sounded amazing. Shakira pleaded to America to vote for her and promised to “write a song called My Saha.” Aw, isn’t that cute!

Joshia Hawley: Pleasantly surprised by his performance. Good job, Joshia :)

Danielle Bradbery: She looks very young (well, because she is lol.) but has a very mature sounding voice (a good one too!). Also, she has the prettiest eyes! I thought it was so cute that Blake said she is just as we think she is “an all american girl.”

Judith Hill: Today I found out that she is half black half japanese! Also that she plays piano! This girl is definitely multi-talented. And THAT VOICE…gorgeous. I loved her performance tonight.

Kris Thomas: Great performance. He mentioned that applied to be in the military but that something didnt let him sign the papers. Then he got the call from The Voice a week later...Destiny!!

Amber Carrington: Her voice is so crisp and strong. I really like it!

Carson Daily sounds like a machine when he does his “Vote for….” speech LOL!

Now its voting time America :)

Still sweating over here! 


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