THE VOICE: The Live Playoff Results Breakdown & Comments

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The show started off by informing us that the votes via text and online were not included. They said it did not affect the results! Hhmmm, I wonder what that was about.

The song that the team sang together sounded good but I was not particularly impressed. 
I voted for: Sasha Allen.
America Saved: Sasha allen and Kris Thomas.
Eliminated: Karina Iglesias. Aw, I cant believe she got voted off! She has a very cool vibe going on. I like her. 
Shakira saved: Garrett Gardner 

I think Kris Thomas has a great voice. If I close my eyes and listen to him sing, I would think it was a woman singing but that does not mean he doesn’t sound good :). I L-O-O-O-O-O-O-V-E-D Saha Allen’s performance on last night’s episode. Garrett Gardner reminds me of the actor Jesse Eisenberg when he starred in The Social Network.

I voted for: Danielle Bradbery
America Saved: Holley Tucker, Danielle Bradbery,   
Eliminated: Justin Rivers. I think Justin is a good singer but he didn’t make me see him with awe when he sang.
Blake saved: The Swon Brothers.

From this team my favorite is Danielle Bradbery. Her voice is amazing and when she sings it looks like that amazing sound is coming out so effortlessly!

I voted for: Cathia.  
America Saved: Michelle Chamuel and Vedo.
Eliminated: Cathia. NOOOOOO :( she was one of my favorites this season. Aw, I’m so sad to see her go!!!!
Usher saved: Joshia Hawley.

Josiah Hawley is a cutie but I’m not a huge fan of his voice.

I voted for: Judith Hill, Amber Carrington, Caroline Glaser and Sarah Simmons. Ok, I guess it would have been easier to say that I voted for the WHOLE TEAM! Haha.
America Saved: Judith Hill and Amber Carrington.
Eliminated: Caroline Glaser.
Adam saved: Sarah Simmons. Wow, it was painful to watch Adam be hurried to choose from Caroline and Sara. He commented that even though we try to make music into a game--as if referring to the show--it is NOT a game. 

Cee Lo Green performed Only You with Juliet Simms. I love Cee Lo, he has such a fun style. He makes me smile every time I see him. Juliet’s dress was cute but I wish she wouldn’t have been wearing that golden cape though.

One last note: Adam Levine is sooo sexy!!! And thats obvious, lol. :)
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