Simple DIY Princess-Looking Bookmark

Remember bookmarks? The thing you use to put inside a book to save the page you were last reading. 

Yea, that! :)

Well, last weekend I found some cute pages that had been abandoned for a long time. So I decided to put them to good use and make a simple bookmark. When I finished making it I realized that it looked like a tiny princess tiara on the book. So cute! This is how I made it: 

1. Supplies: To make this bookmark you will need the following...
- scissors
- a pencil
- an eraser
- a ruler
- cute paper
- tape

2. Use the ruler to measure out the width and length. The width of this bookmark is a little over 1 inch. 

3. The length to cut out should be half of what the final measurement of bookmark will be. In other words, think of how long you want your bookmark to be and multiply that number by 2. The reason for this is because we will be folding it in half on the next step. The final length of my bookmark is ~5.5 inches so I measured out 11 inches in this step.

4. Fold the strip of paper (that you cut out in step 3) in half. Then draw a little design on both ends (or one end, its up to you) and cut out your design (remember to erase your pencil markings). On this bookmark I did a simple zig-zag design. This design is what makes the bookmark look like a little tiara! :) 

5. The "in-home laminating" step! Place your folded up bookmark on a strip of tape.

6. Make the strip of tape long enough to be able to fold over on the other side of your bookmark. 

7. After you folded over the tape on the other side it should look like this. Finally, cut the excess tape to your liking. 

8. Ta-da!! Congratulations, you've made yourself a cute boomark! :D



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