App Review: My Viggle Story

Once upon a time there was a young girl browsing for iPhone/iPod apps. Suddenly she stumbled upon a purple circle with a white V centered on it. She wondered what it was and decided to take a look. To her surprise she found an.....
Find out what she found on next week's episode of My Viggel Story....


Hahaha, jk. What this little girl found was an awesome app that gives you points for every minute you watch TV!!

How crazy is that.

To be completely honest I felt a bit skeptical about it at first. BUT just yesterday I used some of my points to redeem a $5 Barnes & Noble gift card. I received an email with a 'special code' and instructions on how to enter it on the Barnes & Noble website. After following the instructions it took me to an eGift card that I could print out to use at a store or online at with the gift card code.

1. Viggle gives you 1 point for every minute you are checked in on a show. Primetime featured shows are worth more points.

2. You can also check into any other shows you like. They do not have to be featured.

3. Another way to receive points is by watching commercials. Just click or should I say, tap, on them (see red circle to the left) and watch. When the commercial has finished playing, you get your BONUS points.

4. In your profile you can see the points you have accumulated under Points History.

5. Rewards section: To redeem just tap the 'redeem' button and confirm. You can see what type of rewards you can get (see picture on the left).

I have not had any issues with this app, therefore, I would recommend it. You spend time on the sitting couch anyway (watching tv, lol), why not collect points while you're at it and exchange them for rewards! Haha :D


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