I'm Blue

Credit: Screenshot of Typic app
Actually, I'm not blue. Not physically or emotionally. I was just trying out a new iPhone application that I recently downloaded. It's called Typic.

APP DETAILS: It's a free application in the Apple App Store. You can: add text, it has 6 filters, 7 fonts with the option of buying more, you can adjust text size and has a several sharing options.

THOUGHTS: I liked this app because it has just enough of everything. You can change filters, add text, change font, change font size, add and adjust boarder all for $0. Its simple and fun to play with. I also like that the fonts are cute so that's a plus :)

Credit: Screenshot of app
I'm Blue-- My first creation using Typic

Amor-- Another one of my creations using Typic. Picture Credit: from a google search


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