3 Funny Sofia Vergara Commercials

These are some of my favorite Sofia Vergara commercials that I think are also funny :)
Picture Credit: Sofia Vergara Official Website

State Farm (Spanish)
First came the State Farm commercial (in the order they came into my). I just think its so funny when she says, “And everyone things that I can by anything I want just because I’m famous… uh, that might be true…” LOL! Then she gets caught by the agent in her acting lie and says “...but I STILL have to save!”
Her little joyous “laugh” is priceless.

This is more or less the translation to the commercial…

COMMERCIAL HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c2MUvT7AuM&feature=share&list=PLBB0434A57EF59CE2

Kmart (English & Spanish) 

What I thought was funny in this commercial is how she changes everything in the room to make it look like home...or better using her Kmart line lol. And her expression at the end again…haha. Luckily this one was made in both english and spanish. Phew, I don’t have to translate!

                         English :



Pepsi (English)
In this one Sofia Vergara shows off her dancing moves.

'Tis all! :)


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