Puppy Pippa's Daily Schedule

Since I found out that I was going to get a puppy, I have been doing some research. I found that it is good for puppies to follow a schedule. I read somewhere that it is good to give them consistency because helps lower their stress levels. I think this also helps train them because they get used to going potty, eating, and having playtime around the same time. It is not always the EXACT TIMES, it varies by a few minutes or even an hour or two (we aren't all perfect, right? lol). Below is Pimientita's (Pippa's) schedule.... roughly. Also a glimpse of what furry motherhood consists of! :)

Pippa's Daily Schedule
6:00am- Potty time (about 10min)
6:30am- Breakfast (about 30min)
(8:00am- Potty time **sometimes)
10:00am- Playtime (about 20min)
11:00am- Potty time (about 10min)
11:30am- Lunch (about 30min)
2:00pm- Playtime/Potty (about 20-30min)
4:00pm- Playtime/Potty (about 20-30min)
6:00pm- Dinner (about 30min)
8:00pm- Short walk (15-20min)
10:00pm Short walk/potty (10-15min) 

-I give her about 2-3 hours in between each event.
-For playtime I usually take out her toys, play with her and I also let her play by herself for a few minutes.
-During the short walks I just have her in the leash and we walk around the house for a few minutes.
-Every time before she plays, walks or eats I take her to the designated potty area.
-I usually do not give her any water after 7pm or 8pm, I read that this way she (hopefully) will not need to wake up in the middle of the night to potty.
-As you have noticed: potty time is always about 10mins, sometimes less if she goes quickly. Playtime is usually around 20-30mins. I feed her inside her crate and after 30 minutes I remove the food, otherwise this would kinda defeat the purpose and scheduling in feeding time :)

C'est tout :)


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