New name, New home!

You first might have met my puppy as Foxy, well it turns out that her name is now Pimientita (meaning "pepper" in Spanish), but I call her Pippa for short :)
The story of the name change goes something like this... I had decided to get a puppy but not tell my parents because they did not want any more pets in the house. So the first day home, my dad was really upset about me bringing home a puppy and said I had to give her back. As you may have guessed, I became really sad after he told me this. However, with a little help from my mommy, the next day dad said I could keep her if I changed her name to Pimienta. Of course I agreed. He said she was a cutie and the color of pepper. All I was thinking was that this was a MAJOR DEAL FOR ME! So there you have it, the story of how Foxy became known as my little Pippa :)

Now Pippa is home with me and loving every second of it (in my opinion of course). The first day she was shaking out of fear but she slowing started to walk around and explore more. That day she met her cousins--my sister's pets--Toffey the big brown dog, Missey the tuxedo cat, and Fudge the black cat (in age order). Toffey is so laid back that having another animal in the house did not bother him at all. He just responded with a few sniffs and moved on. The cats on the other hand... those are a different story. They approach Pippa sooooo slowly... a step closer with every sniff. Tomorrow will be Pippa's one week anniversary at our house and the cats still do not fully accept her, even though they aren't as jumpy anymore. 
The first night was not as bad as I thought or as bad as I was told it would be. At first I thought that she would be crying all night, but to my surprise she slept all night. She began crying early in the morning, I believe she needed to use the potty (this is what I call the outside area where I take her to pee-pee and poop).  

Now, I think it is safe to say that she feels very comfortable in her home :)



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