My Baby Foxy

My cousin's dog Sassy gave birth to four beautiful female puppies. I am one of the lucky ones that will be taking one home! My baby girl was born on April, 6th 2011 and her name is Foxy. I still have not brought her home because she is still pretty young and needs feeding from her biological mother :)
Foxy is a Shih Tzu mixed with Toy Poodle, has a wavy black coat with some white around her chin and two of her little paws.
I have been doing some research ever since I found out I was going to get her. I have been looking into Puppy Training classes--I want her to be an beautiful educated cute little pup! I've also read some things on crate training, different kinds of food, treats, toys and leashes. I have also been asking about vaccines and spaying but I think she is still too young for that. I was looking at the Halo natural and organic food products. It seems like great healthy food for a pet but WOW, it is so beyond my poor student budget! lol. Maybe I will give her that kind of food once in a while. When Foxy and I are feeling fancy! Haha! I also found out that Martha Stewart has created a line for pets! That is so awesome because the things on there are so cute!
Foxy is my very first pet and I'm a bit nervous but excited to soon have her with me. I can't wait for her arrival to my casita!

I've decided to blog this new journey that I am embarking on with Foxy...
It will be a very awesome learning experience, comments and tips are welcome :)

Au revoir!


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