Foxy Enrolled in Puppy Preschool!

I was already planning on enrolling Foxy to puppy training classes and I was thinking of taking her to the ones offered at PetSmart. At my local PetSmart they are about $109, which includes basic manners, potty training, basic commands like "sit", "come" and "stay" all in six sessions. However, today I was browsing the Los Angeles deals on Groupon and came across one for Dog Training classes. The classes also address the basic unwanted behaviors, are six weeks long and I got it for about $75. I decided on these classes instead because... they are less expensive! Also, because the deal is offered through Groupon during next 24-hours only. The actual "deal"or "coupon" expires next year, so I have plenty of time to use it. I can't wait to start the classes with my little Foxy :)

'Tis all for today...toodle-loo!


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