Collar & Leash

In preparation of Foxy's arrival,  I bought her a collar and leash today. My baby will surely be needing it when we go on our walks through the city! :)
The collar is a magenta that fits a small/extra small dog. It fits a neck size of 10-12 inches and it cost me $9.99 at my local PetSmart. The collar is also magenta, it is 5/8 inches in width, 6 feet inches in length and cost me $12.99 at my local PetSmart. There were other ones that were a bit less in price but they seemed to be too thin and flimsy. The ones I got are from the brand Top Paw and look pretty sturdy, like they'll last a while... I hope they do! 

The color of the collar and leash in the picture is coming off as red, but it is actually a not too bright magenta. Next, I'm thinking of purchasing food and water bowls, a crate and some toys :)

Suggestions, comments, or questions are welcome.

Until next time! 


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